Caring for your residential or commercial property means keeping it in the best possible condition. One vital way of doing so is painting, which is an important investment for any establishment. You may be tempted to do it yourself or to hire a casual painter who may not have the necessary training and skill set. 

Do you want a lousy paint job? Obviously not, since you will be spending your hard-earned money. Therefore, if you're looking to repaint your building and give it a proper revamp, you will need to hire a commercial painter, who can give quality service from the beginning to the end of the project. 

Consider the following key tips when choosing a commercial painter to handle your project.

1. Testimonials

These are perhaps the best way to determine the level of service a professional painter offers since they are written by previous clients. Make sure to browse through their reviews before hiring a commercial painter. In addition, you can ask for recommendations from your friends and neighbours and then use the shortlist to pick the best commercial painter. 

2. Training and Experience

The person you hire must have the necessary training and experience. Check on a company's history or an individual commercial painter's history and gauge if they are experienced enough to work on your building. The more experienced the individual, the more likely they are to provide quality service. 

3. Price

You obviously do not want to go outside of your budget. Therefore, consider a qualified commercial painter, who fits in your budget and hasn't overpriced their service. Look for one who can provide you with a deal and maybe reward consumer loyalty. 

4. Free Colour Consultation

As you make your budget and the choices of paint colour, look for a commercial painter who will offer you a free paint colour consultation. This should be part of the package the commercial painter is offering you, rather than a different service which you must pay for. 

5. Legal Documentation

Once you have shortlisted the firms you would like to work with, it is important to peruse their legal documentation and confirm that they are up to date. One of the important forms to look at is insurance. If the firm does not have insurance, then you may be liable in case an injury occurs while the commercial painter is working on your premises. 

Additionally, you could choose one who has occupational health and safety certifications, such as OSHA, to ensure the commercial painter is completely safe while they work on your building. 

While it is easy for individuals and firms to pass themselves off as commercial painters, make sure to consider the above tips. Make sure you select a commercial painter who, while price friendly, will provide you with exemplary service and is properly accredited.