The type of colour scheme you use for your kitchen will make a big difference to the way it looks based on your specific taste and preferences. A monochromatic colour scheme uses different shades of the same colour for a homogenous finish, while a multi colour scheme uses different colours to achieve a contrasting appearance for your cooking space. This guide aims to help you consider certain factors when choosing between a monochromatic and multi colour paint scheme.

Consider The Existing Kitchen Décor

The existing appliances and fixtures will play a role in your decision to use different shades of the same colour or different colours. For example, if you already have appliances and kitchen fixtures like benchtops, splashbacks and cabinets in a single colour tone, then you may want to choose a multi-colour kitchen scheme to add some personality into the space. For example, if all the fixtures and floors in your kitchen are white, then you can infuse colours like olive green and burnt orange to give the space some colourful personality. However, if you're the type who likes the idea of a single shade or colour for all your kitchen fixtures, floors and walls, then a monochromatic colour scheme is best suited to you.

Consider Your Floor Colouring  

Some homeowners like the idea of choosing a contrasting colour with their floors, while others want a complete match. The finish you desire will depend entirely on your taste here. For example, if you have wooden floors, then a monochromatic colour like beige would give you a homogenous appearance. But if you are looking to contrast with it, then colours like yellow, blue, orange and green are ideal. The final shade you choose will depend entirely on your preferences –– some people like to go with bold effects while others prefer subtle undertones.

Consider The Natural Lighting In Your Kitchen

The natural lighting in your kitchen will also determine the kind of colour scheme you need. For example, if your kitchen has poor natural light, then your best option is to choose monochromatic colour tones to avoid making the space feel closed in. But if your kitchen has ample natural light, then contrasting colours will add bold personality to the space and will give it a vibrant feel. If you want a contrasting finish and your kitchen has poor natural light, you can always add artificial lights to achieve the effect you desire.

Consider these factors when choosing between a monochromatic and multi colour scheme for your kitchen.