It may be difficult for a layperson to decide whether he or she should apply one or two coats of paint during a DIY repainting project. This article discusses some of the circumstances under which each of those options may be necessary. Use this information to select the option that suits the condition of your home.

The Extent of Surface Preparation Needed

Surface preparation is an important step that needs to be done before you can repaint your home. The current condition of the walls that you wish to repaint will influence the kind of surface preparation that is needed. For instance, you may need to sand off the old paint in case it has deteriorated so much that most of it is peeling off.

Such sanding may expose sections of the drywall or bricks in the wall. In such a case, it may not be advisable to apply only a single coat during the repainting project. You may need to apply a primer before applying the top coat.

However, a single coat may be enough if the old paint was damaged in some spots and you just want to touch it up so that the wall looks uniform.

The Colour Selected

The colour of the paint that you have selected may also influence whether a single coat is sufficient or not. For instance, you may need to apply only one coat of paint if the new paint is of a similar colour to the old one. This is because the old paint will serve as a base layer onto which you will apply the new paint.

On the other hand, you may need to apply two coats in case the colour that you choose differs from the old one. For instance, you may need to apply two layers of white paint in case the previous paint was green. This is because you will have to remove or cover the old paint completely so that it does not remain visible underneath the new paint.

Method of Application

You may have to apply two coats of paint in case you choose to spray the paint onto the walls. This is because spray-painting applies a thin coat of paint that does not look attractive if only a single layer is applied. The second coat gives the wall the deep appearance common on walls painted by professionals.

You can apply only one coat in case you are using a roller to apply the paint. This is because you can apply a thicker layer of paint using the roller when compared to spraying. The thick coat may make it unnecessary to apply a second coat.

As you can see, the specific conditions that are unique to each situation will determine whether one can apply a single coat or two coats of paint. You may therefore need some guidance from a painting professional in case you lack the necessary experience to decide how many coats of paint will be sufficient for your walls.