Painting is one of the DIY jobs that homeowners like to carry out themselves. Although many people find it is a little monotonous, they would rather tackle the job themselves so they can save money, and there are several tips that you can use to upgrade the standard of finish from good to professional.

Use A Roller On Small Areas

For areas next to trim, it is normal to use a paintbrush to apply the paint. However, painting these areas with a brush and using a roller for the rest of the walls will give you a noticeably different texture when the paint has dried. To avoid this, brush the paint on normally, then use a small roller to even the paint out; this will give the finish a uniform look.

Get An Even Sheen

If you have to fill in holes or cracks before you paint, it can cause problems with the sheen once the paint has dried; this is very noticeable when any light hits this area. The filler will absorb the paint, as it is usually porous, and affect the sheen of the finish. To avoid this unsightly look, use a good primer seal. The primer seal will not absorb the paint like the filler and allow you to get an even sheen across the whole area.

Avoid Lap Marks

Lap marks are the bane of DIY painters. It happens when you paint a section of a wall, allow it to partially dry, and then apply another layer of paint; the edge of the first strip of paint will be re-painted with wet paint, causing the lap marks. This is easily avoided by maintaining what is known as a 'wet edge'. Paint a whole wall, from ceiling to floor, in one go. Don't paint a bit of the wall, move on to another part, then go back and finish the first wall.  This maintains a wet edge and will eliminate lap marks at a stroke.

Get The Same Colour Throughout

Professional painters know that buying several tins of the same paint colour can still give slightly different finished results. They get around this by pouring all of the paint into a big tub and mixing it thoroughly. DIY painters tend to paint from each tin. Purchase a five or ten litre tub and pour and mix all of the paint you have into it to get the same exact colour throughout.

Just remember that painting even just a single room can be a big undertaking, which might make hiring professionals from a company like Allure Painting Services worth your money.